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Shipping Policies and Delivery Time


GUIER will arrange for the products to be shipped to the address requested by the customer. Therefore, so that there are no obstacles to the delivery of your order, we ask that you be careful when filling in the address at which you wish to receive your order.


Please make sure there will be someone at the address to receive your products. The Post Office makes three attempts to deliver the products, if there is no one at the address to receive the order, the package will be taken to the Post Office closest to the address, and in this case it will be necessary for the recipient of the package to collect the package. even at the Post Office, within 7 calendar days. If the recipient of the order does not collect it, as per the Post Office standard, the package will be returned to the sender, requiring the payment of a new shipping fee to resend the product.

All details related to delivery attempts, as well as the address of the Post Office where the recipient must pick up their package in case of absence at the address, are recorded in the order tracking, which can be tracked on the Post Office website, using the tracking code provided by the Store.


GUIER is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete completion of the destination address for orders placed in the store. If incorrect or incomplete addressing occurs, as per Correios regulations, the package will be returned to the sender, and no further delivery attempts will be made to that address. If delivery is not carried out due to a discrepancy in the address provided by the customer, the customer is not entitled to a refund; a new shipping fee will be required to send the product back.


After your order is processed and payment goes through our system, the next steps are: picking, packaging and shipping. This process usually takes approximately 1 to 3 business days.

Deadline for shipping the product and tracking code

You will receive the tracking code in the email registered when purchasing within 7 business days after processing your order.


Delivery time is estimated at 15 to 35 business days after the order is dispatched.

However, adverse factors such as delays in clearance from the IRS, postal strike, impossibility of delivery due to weather factors or risk areas, national holidays may add a few days to product delivery.

However, the maximum guarantee period is 60 working days. 


The products are always delivered by the Post Office, however, in some cases, such as an absent recipient, a region with limited delivery or even an incorrect address, the customer may have to pick up the product at the branch closest to their residence.

If the address is not filled in correctly, the product may be returned to the sender. We ask for extra attention when filling out the address. If there is an error when filling out the address and the product cannot be delivered, the customer is responsible.

The Post Office makes three delivery attempts, if they are unable to complete it, the product will be available for collection at the nearest branch for up to 7 days. After this period, the product returns to the sender. 


Any and all imports are subject to bureaucracy or customs taxes. If you receive any extra charges for your order, we are responsible for these fees. Contact us within 48 hours informing the amount paid to the Post Office and attaching a copy of the taxation document, and we will contact you back to reimburse the amounts paid.

When making a purchase on our website, the customer declares to be aware of and agree with everything described above.

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